Manifestation Technique

Sit comfortably and quietly, where you can work without distraction for about 5 or 10 minutes.

You can do this technique with your eyes open or closed.

Think about anything that makes you feel good (but unrelated to the situation, event, or item, you are desiring to bring into being). Focus on the good feeling long enough to absorb yourself in it.

Very quickly, focus on anything that makes you anxious, concerned, or upset. Make this only fleeting.

Quickly return to the good feeling. As you focus on this, think about the situation, event, or item, you wish to bring into existence. Imagine the positive benefits of achieving this manifestation. (Important: Do not spoil this vision by trying to work out how something can happen! Allow just 1 or 2 minutes on this).

Now release your thoughts. Let go of everything you have just been thinking. A good way to do this, is to focus quickly on items around you. At any time your mind tries to return to your visualization, quickly distract your attention with another thing around you. While you do this, see in your mind’s eye, your visualisation disappearing into deep space – getting smaller and more distant as it travels away from you at great speed, until it vanishes completely. Your message to the universe has now been delivered.

Your message has also been delivered to yourself.

Reaching for the best feeling thought

This is a message that Abraham often gives us. But what does it mean and how can it benefit us?

Simply put, when we find our self thinking about something annoying or upsetting, it’s easy to spiral down the rabbit hole of no return. Although we may not believe it at the time, it is our choice to think what we think about. Of course, we live in societies that draw on the objectification of the physical mind – rationalizing how things are likely to be worse, regardless of how they could be, in more positive ways. It is at this point of recognition of our thoughts, that we must make a new choice – to think something different and less emotive… or more helpful. When you begin to practice this conscious process, it will seem difficult – nigh on impossible! But persevere. Each time you question your spiralling thoughts, and insert something different, it becomes easier. You can use this to reduce your worrying and also reduce conflicts you might experience with others.

What should you think?

A change of focus is all that is required. It could be as simple as looking at something in the room, or something in the environment. The important thing to do is appreciate whatever you focus on in a positive way.