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Gaia – helps people to achieve their highest potential. Streaming unique programming on a variety of subjects.

Graham Hancock - https://grahamhancock.comGraham Hancock
Among other things, Graham researches and explores ancient civilizations, explores the benefits of natural plant drugs in aiding the expansion of consciousness, and writes outstandingly brilliant books on his subjects. Graham is also unique in the fact that he doesn’t just write from the works of others – he travels extensively to see, live, and try, first hand, all of the things he writes about. Investigative journalism of the highest order. Graham’s partner, Santha Faiia, often accompanies him, taking hundreds of quality photographs that help illustrate his books – what a team!

Graham Hancock and Richard Gentle - keekoo.co.ukI had the pleasure of meeting Graham at Bradford University, UK, at one of his launch talks for his book, ‘Magicians Of The Gods‘.

I have often said, that people on the Earth at the current time may have forgotten information that was widely known by previous civilizations, and that our idea of linear time-based history where no one could have been as clever as we are now, is arrogant and misguided. Graham proves this hypothesis in a way that I could never have done, and graphically demonstrates that we are a world of people with “amnesia” and that we ignore the messages left for us by ancient and highly advanced civilizations, at our peril.

Institute of New Thought - www.instituteofnewthought.comInstitute of New Thought
New Thought – a philosophy, a way of thinking, a way of being. CEO and co-founder, Michael Tucker says new thought is:’A philosophy that explains and provides structure for understanding and applying ALL spiritual principles regardless of their origin.”

Tyringham EYE - https://tyringhaminitiative.comThe Tyringham Initiative
The Tyringham Initiative (TI) was launched at Tyringham Hall in 2015, as a world-class think-tank for the evolution, expansion and deeper understanding of ‘new-paradigm consciousness’, renowned in its enquiry for exploration, innovation, rigour and integrity.