“The True Nature of Reality” – Darryl Anka “Bashar”

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Harold Channer – The Man who met Seth & Jane Roberts

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Stop making this visualization mistake

An excellent video by Andy Dooley Stop making these 3 visualization mistakes Hits: 3

Believe In Your Self

A helpful Law of Attraction Visualization video by Andy Dooley:   Visit Andy at his website, on facebook, or instagram. Hits: 4

Sound Healing

The Crystal Bowls are incredible. Several years ago, I saw them for the first time at a Mind, Body Spirit, weekend event. Some of the bowls there were 18″ high and up to 2 feet diameter. 6 Min Sound Healing…

Lilia, Tom, and Richard

The California Seth Conference – 27-28 March 2021

It was my great pleasure to join other speakers at the conference, hosted by Tom Leichardt and Lilia Aguero. If you wish to pick out specific talks, scroll down to see the segmented listings. Lilia Aguero, Tom Leichardt, and Richard…

Energy – Frequency – Vibration

A short video by Joanna McEwen about energy, frequency, and vibration. Hits: 16

Positive Words from Joe Vitale

An explanation of the 4 key phrases of Ho’oponopono (PS: It’s Dr Hew Len, not Dr Hewlett)   The 3 keys to successful dreams Protect your dreams Be careful what you allow into your mind Feed your mind with more…

Out of boy experience (OBE)

How out-of-body experiences could transform yourself and society | Nanci Trivellato | TEDxPassoFundo   Out-of body experiences, consciousness, and cognitive neuroprosthetics: Olaf Blanke at TEDxCHUV The out of body induction audio program – Rick Stack (Seth based) Hits: 27

Mike and Andy Dooley - keekoo.co.uk

The Dooley Brothers

If you haven’t come across them yet, check out the wonderful Dooley brothers, Mike and Andy. Originally connected to the famous TUT.com Mike and Andy put out daily helpful information and videos to help and encourage others to keep going…