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National Arts Education ArchiveChat to Change – discussing the things that matter – was set up in 2012 to offer people the opportunity to meet in person, rather than online via Skype or other Social Media.

Originally in the grounds of Bretton Hall and the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, we met weekly at the National Arts Education Archive. Later, I co-founded ‘Holistic Connections‘. This group was initially at Methley, near leeds, and then online via Zoom. Holistic Connections provided a supportive environment for people to talk about, and/or give talks about, the more holistic and metaphysical subjects many are increasingly interested in learning more about.

YSP MapIn-person chats are offered either via online Zoom, or at The Weston café/restaurant, at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park (YSP). (Please note that for other YSP café/restaurant and visitor areas, you have to book online with the YSP before visiting and this will cost £6 per person – unless you are a ‘Friend’ of YSP with parking and permitted to take one guest. However, visiting and parking at The Weston is free for customers visiting only The Weston).

Chat to Change meetings, in person, are £15 for an individual or £25 for 2 to 5 people (perhaps sharing the cost between them). This covers my travel and something towards an hour of my time. (Refreshments can be purchased separately from YSP).

What is there to discuss?
Many people are now questioning the inflexible lives they are leading and wondering what is going to happen to them in an uncertain world landscape. Many feel trapped by circumstances they seem powerless to change and this leads to stress which in turn can lead to illness.

Chat to Change GroupThrough shared and open conversation over a tea or coffee, we can explore some of the realities we believe make up our lives and examine the origins of the beliefs behind them. We can then decide how relevant they are to each of us and make conscious decisions based on 100% personal responsibility for self, to input our creative intent to live fuller and more rewarding lives.

There are many ways people can make changes and behind all of the many ‘alternative’ methods, there are actually a few underlying ‘truths’ that apply to everyone and everything.

Sometimes you have to make a leap of faith and release your fears. Sometimes you only need to make one or two minor changes to propel yourself to a new level of awareness and a more joyful and rewarding life.

If you’d like to meet for a chat, complete the contact form here. Please indicate days and times that fit with your other commitments. We can then arrange details.

Meetup Talks and Workshops
In addition to the informal Chat to Change Meetups, I offers talks and workshops on manifesting change; law of attraction; healing and crystal wand making; and more in-depth sessions based around some of the Chat to Change subjects. Depending on location, duration and set-up costs, attendees pay between £10 and £150 per person.

Check events here.


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