Being Well

Being Well by Richard GentleIf you have reached this page, you are offered a free copy of my little book on health and wellbeing. Please complete the form below, so that I can email you a copy of the booklet in pdf form.

As Seth would say:

“I did indeed TEMPER many of my remarks in Mass Events on several subjects, so that the book would not be found too objectionable in the context of your times. The implications are there, but your belief systems must be allowed to MELLOW and change in the light of new knowledge, rather than to be booted aside with an angry foot.”*

Seth – The Magical Approach – Session 9. (*Originally underlined words in caps)

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Your feedback is appreciated
After reading your free copy, it would really help me if you would be willing to send me a few lines of what you thought about it, and in particular, anything that you found the most helpful. Please indicate whether I also have your permission to add your comment to my website. (I usually credit the feedback with your first name and town or city and country, location).



PS: I never bombard people with emails – sometimes I may only send a couple a year. I never share emails with third parties.

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