Changing Personal Reality

Changing personal reality has to begin with changing personal beliefs about reality. Next, you must develop your new, more helpful beliefs and this involves acknowledging that what you see in your current moment of now, is actually the feedback from your past moment. Do not look at reality feedback and say: ‘This is how it is’. Instead say, ‘This is how it was – and now I am going to see something differently, as if it is here now… and in one of your next moments, things will start to change.

“You must be the change you want to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

“If you do not like your experience, then you must change the nature of your conscious thoughts and expectations.” – Seth

“Most people let their vibration be in response to what they are observing… You tend to let the evidence that manifests be the criteria that makes you believe.” – Abraham

“You must act like you are already in the state of the reality you want – as if it already exists in the present.” – Bashar

“Physical reality is a reflection of your strongest beliefs.” – Bashar

“If you do not like your experience, then you must change the nature of your conscious thoughts and expectations.” – Seth 

“[It’s] how things feel rather than how things look.  It’s not the getting there – it’s the going there… Shift beliefs before life can change.  Belief is a habit of thought.  Selectively sift.  Care more about the way you feel than you care about the ‘facts’ you are observing.  Tell the story the way you want it to be.  Be aware of your emotion.” – Abraham

“Follow your passion. If you always act on everything that excites you, with zero expectation as to what the outcome ought to be, you will be walking the optimal path – no matter how it looks. It’s about aligning with the vibration of who you actually are.” – Bashar

“Become more aware of waking experience and stray thoughts…  See what miracles are there.  Be gentle with your own spirit and not a disciplinarian.” – Seth

“To change the physical effect you must change the original belief – while being quite aware that for a time physical materialization of the old beliefs may still hold.  If you completely understand what I am saying however, your new beliefs will – and quickly – begin to show themselves in your experience.  But you must not be concerned for their emergence, for this brings up the fear that the new ideas will not materialize and so this negates your purpose.”– Seth

The Nature of Personal Reality: Session 621 Oct 16 1972 9.40pm Monday



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