Would you like a drink?

I was sitting on a train, returning home. It was a warm afternoon and the train was quite hot inside. Sat in the seat opposite me was a middle-aged woman, smartly dressed.

After a while, she reached into her bag and brought out a can of drink. Just for fun and an experiment, I decided to project the thought to her that I would like a drink too!

One of the things to remember when you try this, is to project the thought in the way the other person would be thinking it. Therefore, the thought I sent was along the lines of: ‘Would you like a drink?’ I may have used: ‘I wonder if he’d like a drink too?’ However, the simpler and ‘more to the point’ you can keep the message, the better.

Now obviously it’s not just down to staring in someone’s direction and looking longingly at their drink! Besides which, if this experiment was going to work, no hint should be given that could be picked up through observing regular body language. My thought was that she would offer me some of her drink.

I duly went through my visualisation and ‘thought-sending’ routine and then waited. The thought was sent and released. After a few minutes, she looked up in my direction and asked: ‘Would you like a drink?’ I said that would be nice and thanked her for the offer. ‘I have another here.’ She said, reaching into her bag and retrieving a second can of drink.

New Carpets

Over the years, my bungalow has received various improvements, including double glazed window units on the colder yard side of the house and extra insulation in the loft. However, it had always had rather shabby office-type hard-wearing carpets – grey and with no underlay. After about 8 years, this had become more worn with ripples in some areas where it no longer kept its original stretched tight fit.

I always envisaged that I would one day change the carpet and I even laid down some laminate light oak effect flooring in the hallway and a couple of other areas – aiming to join this with one single style of fairly plain carpet. Although I could see this clearly in my mind, I had no immediate means to finance it.

Floor repairOne day, I discovered some woodworm in one of the floors. On further investigation, I realised that this had probably existed for several years and before I moved into the bungalow. I decided it was probably best to report it to my landlady, despite the upheaval it would probably cause me – including the possibility I would have to move out for a while during the treatment process.

Woodworm floorsAs things transpired, I did have to pack everything and place it out of the way for a while, but with the well-organised support of my landlady and the loan of an area in my neighbour’s (her parents) garage, the eventual operation went very smoothly. Some floor areas were repaired, the treatment was done, and new carpets with underlay were professionally fitted, together with oak board effect vinyl in the kitchen, toilet and bathroom (which replaced my original laminate). I had one night at my parents’ but apart from that I was able to stay at home.

Lounge Bathroom Floor damage
Floor repaired Debris Lounge carpet
Vinyl flooring Hall Carpet

The point of this story

The universe knew I didn’t have available money for carpet, recognised too, that I was blocking my money supply, but also recognised my clarity of feeling and visualization of having new carpet in place. Because of this, the solution was to make the woodworm apparent and this then led to the old carpet having to be removed (with no possibility of putting it back) and new carpet being laid at no expense to myself.

After everything was over and completed, as well as thanking my landlady, I expressed my gratitude to both the universe and the woodworm – most of whom, now I think back, seemed to have left the main areas of damage some time before the treatment took place.

So just to clarify: You do not have to work out how the universe is going to help you. All you need to do is see in your mind’s eye, the outcome you desire.

A small miracle

An addition to this story is, that before I went to my parents’ I discovered a rotten board that the carpenter and I had missed because it was under an area where I had left the dining table. It was below the area of the window and I heard a crack under my foot when I went to close the blind. At first I thought it was just a small area and I found a piece of plywood to nail over it – adding a message to the carpet fitters to simply cover over it – if they arrived before me the following morning.

As it happened, I arrived home by 8am and the carpet fitters didn’t arrive until about 11am (it was Saturday). I discovered to my horror (so-to-speak) that the board was rotten with woodworm for another 3 feet. All my tools were still packed up, but I went to my shed and discovered a piece of wood I had been given a few months before. I also found the can of woodworm treatment (I’d bought previously when first finding a small area of woodworm). I returned to the house and discovered that the plank of wood from the shed was exactly the length, width and even the right thickness, that I needed. I amazingly found the tools I needed easily and even a crow bar I’d left stored in the bath. I was able to pull up the old floor, cut the new plank to exact length with a saw, treat it, and then nail it in place. Because the carpet fitters didn’t start until 11am, the board had completely dried by the time they started work.



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