When we think about travel, we think of a progressive movement across distance over a duration of time. However, we are told that this is not as it seems. Seth says:

“As I have said, so-called space travel will be mainly divorced from vehicles, and the use of psychological time is the very first step in this direction.

the barriers are yours. The barriers are camouflage. It is ridiculous to develop camouflage vehicles to deal with camouflage space, when all that is necessary is that you realize that camouflage is camouflage. Therefore the barrier disappears. …

“When you realize that time as you know it does not exist, then vehicles become unnecessary.”  – The Early Sessions, Book 2, Session 47

Alien intelligence, Bashar (Channelled through Darryl Anka) says:

“The object [pen] has a certain vibrational signature that you perceive it as a pen. Place the pen in other hand – it’s now not the same pen, because it now has a different vibrational signature – because it’s in a different location. You create the illusion of continuity.  An object does not exist in a location.  Location is one of the properties of the object.  Any point in space has a locational equation to it.”



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