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How We Perform Negative Miracles

How We Perform Negative MiraclesEvery day of our lives we witness amazing things. Some events we perceive as enjoyable and others as simply annoying! All events are recorded but our unconscious feeling and our conscious thought often interpret things differently. How we Perform Negative Miracles is all about helping people to realise that we have a big say in creating the life we experience. We can actually produce our own positive miracles and it is so simple! This concise booklet gives you valuable insight into how.
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“I found Richard Gentle’s book a wholesome comfort, having read a wide range of self-help books over the years, and dipped sporadically into various religions and belief systems. I very much enjoyed the way in which it is placed firmly in everyday life, is written in plain, understandable English, is totally accessible both in terms of its physical qualities (a slim volume!) and in content. An absolute necessity for the personal ready reference section.” – Sandra, West Yorkshire

“This booklet is an excellent and simple introduction to the complex subject of concious creation. Anyone starting out upon the road of how, ‘you create yourown reality’, will find this a very easy to read introduction. Even people with a deeper understanding may find important insights contained within. I have read most of Jane Roberts, Seth material, books but still gained further understanding from this book”. – P.Deakin, S.Yorks, UK.

“‘How we perform Negative Miracles’ is concise and cuts to the chase rather than simply filling up space with, most often, voluminous peripheral information and confusing anecdotal examples. Gentle has distilled concepts from books like the “Seth Material” and others with astute personal insights into a ten minute read that can change your life.” – George Glasser, Hoyland Nether, UK.

What Do You Think?

What Do You Think?Good KindlesWhat Do You Think? asks the reader just that. Because, what you think and how you interpret what you think, is fundamental to your success and wellbeing throughout your life… and even across your very existence. Understand, let go and stop worrying. Join the game of life and decide how things are going to be for YOU!
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What Ever You Think
Revised (scroll down, below) as: Seth, Abraham, Bashar! – All that you see is yourself

What Ever You ThinkYou may think you share the same Earth as everyone else, but what if you actually do not? Mystics and channelled entities have informed us for many years that we all experience our own unique worlds; our own versions of the Earth; that we create our own individual experiences of reality. We are also informed that Humans are multidimensional. We are also told about the simultaneous nature of existence – that past, present and future do not actually exist as separated time intervals. If all this is true, how can we take advantage of this knowledge? How can we understand something that seems to go against so much of what we think we know and already experience? This book explores the nature of personal experience, co-creation, and law of attraction – drawing together some of the most inspirational and motivational information that has been shared with humanity by three well-known off-world channels: Seth, Abraham, and Bashar. (This book contains line drawing illustrations).
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I read your book with great interest. I have read the Seth books fairly recently and felt a real resonance with the concepts and ideas that ‘Seth’ proposes. However, the Seth books can be intense and sometimes hard to digest. What I thought your book did well was to crystallise the main components of not just Seth’s ideas, but of other complimentary writers with a similar framework of ideas. You apply the principles to relevant situations in a clear and concise way that serves to illustrate those principles. I have lent your book to a friend who is interested in the Seth books, but finds them difficult to get to grips with. I am sure that your book will be a good introduction for her to Seth. Sometimes we need a gentle nudge in the direction of some pretty mind boggling ways of viewing the universe and our place within it – your book fulfils that function well. I am going to further my reading based on your bibliography and am looking forward to this enormously. May the force be with you!” – Lorraine (Yorkshire).

A great book about personal reality, co-creation and the Law of Attraction. Using information from three channels from which to bounce ideas off from. Would recommend this book for anyone.” – Sally M Pain (Essex, England)

Whatever You Think, by Richard Gentle, makes an important contribution to understanding the role repetitive thoughts and beliefs play in creating our sense of reality. A vital topic at this pivotal time in the evolution of consciousness.

“Without first becoming aware of our prevailing thoughts, values and beliefs, we cannot understand our selves, or make sense of the world and our relations with it. Let alone change our circumstances or the trajectory of our life journey. We cannot make positive change to what we are unaware of and don’t understand. Richard explains in practical and insightful terms the primary building block to perception. By sharing his experience, research and wisdom, supported by selected quotes from ‘off world’ entities, we are able to distinguish between limiting and expansive beliefs, between self destructive and life-affirming beliefs, between personality and essence and thereby make changes to better align to the fullness of our potential and soul purpose.”

‘The self has no boundaries except those it accepts out of ignorance.’ – Seth.

Alan Ayre – Astrologer and Empowerment Consultant (2.2.2021)
(Author of ‘The Full 50 Centimetres‘) About Alan Ayre (website)

Seth, Abraham, Bashar! – All that you see is yourself

Seth, Abraham, Bashar! - All that you see is yourselfAndy Dooley Thumbs UpThis book is a revision of ‘What Ever You Think’ (without illustrations). Click on image to see back cover.

This book explores the nature of personal experience, co-creation, and law of attraction – drawing together some of the best information shared with humanity by three well-known, off-world channels: Seth, Abraham and Bashar. (facebook group)

Andy Dooley Manifestors Cafe -“I love this book! It synchronizes the teachings of Seth, Bashar and Abraham-Hicks. Reading this book will give you the road map to creating your reality and a happy life. A must read for all explorers of consciousness.” – Andy Dooley Co-founder of TUT.COM and creator of The Manifestor’s Cafe


“This book makes an important contribution to understanding the role repetitive thoughts and beliefs play in creating our sense of reality. A vital topic at this pivotal time in the evolution of consciousness.” – Alan Ayre – Astrologer and Empowerment Consultant


Mike Dooley -“An absolute gem, meticulously assembled and passionately presented. Richard’s narration and personal insights are every bit as profound as the treasures he’s chosen to illuminate. Every reader will find nearly instant relief, empowerment, and transformation in their own lives for the love clearly evident within these pages.” – Mike Dooley, NY Times bestselling author of Infinite Possibilities

Thomas Leichardt, host of The Channeled Truth

Quantum Mass Superstructures – Creating the world you experience

Quantum Mass SuperstructuresImprove your understanding of the way the world works to attract to you the life you would like to have. This book offers help with your reality, sandwiched between a little bit of science and mysticism – all ready for managing the current world you experience.

Written after presenting a talk of the same name, to scientists and researchers at Starlab, Barcelona.
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Deliberate Creation – a pocket guide to successful manifesting

Deliberate CreationThis is a very concise booklet intended to provide the key components you can make use of for successful manifesting in your life.

The book flips over for Best Action section
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Areas covered:

  1. Law of Attraction
  2. You experience the reality that you create
  3. Linear time is an illusion
  4. Resistance stops receipt
  5. Request assistance
  6. Ho’oponopono
  7. Understanding deliberate creation

Being Well – deciding on your health and healing

Being WellThis booklet provides a new way to consider your health and is all about being well. Its approach may seem by some to be controversial, but in a world obsessed with handing over individual wellbeing to others, this is your opportunity take back control of your health and even restore it!
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Areas covered:

A natural state of good health The advantages of being ill
Fear-based marketing Helpful quotes from channelled teachers
Emotional connections to being well Rebooting your health
False beliefs about health Curing Cancer and other diseases
Changing beliefs about your health Exercises


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Good Thinking

Good Thinking - a change? This booklet has been produced to give you some key help for creating positive change in your life. Through developing better, more helpful thoughts, you will improve any situation you find yourself experiencing. It is produced in a format that is easy to carry around and dip into when needed, and comes in two parts – a commentary of desirable activity from one side and ‘best action’ from its reverse side.

Your choice of the thoughts you most focus on strengthens the reality you will experience. Change what you focus your attention on and you change the life you experience.

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