Richard’s Bridge to Wellbeing Talks

Bridge to Wellbeing meetings take place both in person, at The Kyte Hotel, Darrington, and online, via Zoom, once a month, on the second Tuesday, between 10 am and midday. B to W is run by Christine Chalklin and Jo Davies. Talks are posted on the facebook group, here. (Sometimes there are two talks and at other times, only one. Listed below, are Richard’s contributions).

The Kyte Hotel

Richard’s talks for Bridge to Wellbeing


Photo by Christine Chalklin

Tue 9 May 2023 (Kyte Hotel) Crucifixion to Comprehension – A Spiritual Journey

Tue 18 March 2021 (Zoom) California Seth Conference 2012 – Living Seth – Developing Your Own Truth (watch the conference talk, here).

Tue 9 July 2020 (Zoom) An introduction to Ho’oponopono (Learn more about Ho’oponopono, here)

Tue 4 June 2020 (Zoom) Health and Healing





Tue 12 September 2023 (Kyte Hotel) Health and Healing – Symptoms as Messages

This talk on healing, by Richard Gentle, explored the symbolic reflection of inner wellness through physical feedback. Richard offered insights into how illness is not always what we think it is, and how it provides an opportunity for positive change. As we shift into a new experience of cosmic consciousness, challenging physical health issues, on our planet, are affecting many more people.

Richard shared personal stories and analogies, together with a few simple techniques, for self-healing. This talk aimed to reframe views on health, and change misconceptions on commonly expected outcomes. There was also an opportunity for attendees to experience the energy of the Crystal Wand light tool, which some have suggested has Atlantean origins. This is most effective on anyone with arthritis in their hands, a ‘bone ache’, a cut, or a burn. A few of the group tried out being ‘wanded’ for themselves.




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