Starting Points

Teaching a lesson in life through classical music – Benjamin Zander – Work (How to give an A)

How Darryl Anka became interested in the channelled entity, Seth (Jane Roberts) and began channelling the extraterrestrial, Bashar:

Abraham Hicks – Relax. It will Come:


Let go of regret, grief, and free yourself

Here is an interesting comment on a piece of classical music by Beethoven from Bashar:

“… The specific piece of music that will enable whatever information or opportunities you require, health issues, and letting go, forgiving the self, letting go of regret, letting go of grief, letting go of all those things that allow you to lower your vibration in that way; to forgive yourself, to free yourself, to be more whole; the specific piece of music is THE FIRST 3 MINUTES of Beethoven’s Symphony number 7, movement 2. Those chords are exactly, precisely what will tap into the idea of letting go of the past, letting go of sorrow, letting go of grief, letting go of regrets, and forgiving yourself and moving toward the vibration that will attract to you, whatever information is germane to allow you to be in the healthy state that is your birth right.” – Bashar (From Waking Universe with Darryl Anka & Bashar – interviewed by Lance Mungia).



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