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Institute of Noetic SciencesInstitute of Noetic Sciences

Through modern scientific inquiry, we seek to better understand a timeless truth — humanity is deeply interconnected.

Since 1973, the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) founded by Apollo Astronaut, Captain Edgar Mitchell, has been at the forefront of the scientific investigation of consciousness and its role in our lives and the physical world. Through intensive research and groundbreaking experimentation, we explore the interconnection between personal, inner space and the “outer space” of our shared reality.

We are inspired by the power of science to explain phenomena not previously understood, harnessing the best of the rational mind to make advances that further our knowledge and enhance our human experience.

Cautionary words from Seth

“In certain terms, science and religion are both dealing with the idea of an objectively created universe. Either God ‘made it,’ or physical matter, in some unexplained manner, was formed after an initial explosion of energy, and consciousness emerged from that initially dead matter in a way yet to be explained.

“Instead, consciousness FORMED matter. As I have said before, each atom and molecule has its own consciousness. Consciousness and matter and energy are one, but consciousness INITIATES the transformation of energy into matter.

“In those terms, the ‘beginning’ of your universe was a triumph in the expansion of consciousness, as it learned to translate itself into physical form. The universe emerged into actuality IN THE SAME WAY, but to a different degree, that any idea emerges from what you think of as subjectivity into physical expression.”

Dreams, “Evolution,” and Value Fulfillment, Vol. 1, Session 882 (originally underlined words in caps)

Seth also says:

“Science cannot be blamed for saying that its methods are not conducive to the study of this or that area of experience—but science should at least be rapped on the knuckles smartly if it automatically rejects such behavior as valid, legitimate or real, or when it attempts to place such events outside of the realm of actuality. Science can justly be reprimanded when it tries to pretend that man’s experience (underlined) is limited to those events that science can explain.”

Dreams, “Evolution,” and Value Fulfillment, Vol. 2 Chapter 11: Session 937, November 19, 1981

Seth has warned us to be aware that our physical experience is illusionary and that we are somewhat at a disadvantage when making physical tools to explore non-physical reality:

“They [scientists] will be and they are prisoners of their own tools. More galaxies will seemingly be discovered, more mysterious radio stars will be perceived, until the scientists realize that something is desperately wrong. Instruments designed to measure the vibrations with which scientists are familiar will be designed and redesigned. All sorts, finally, of seemingly impossible phenomena will be discovered with these instruments. The instruments will be designed to catch certain camouflages and since they are expertly thought out they will perform their function.”

The Early Sessions 1, Session 19 January 27, 1964

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