What reality are you creating for yourself?

A TED Talk given by Isaac Lidsky (June 2016) “Your fears distort your reality. Under the warped logic of fear, anything is better than the uncertain. Fear fills the void at all costs; passing off what you dread, for what you…

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A Theory of Food by Richard Gentle

… and how your choices create the body you have become So then… how many times have you tried to diet? How many different ‘plans’ have you experimented with? How many times have you given up on the food you enjoy eating, for…

Changing Your World

“If you do not like the state of your world, it is you yourselves that must change, individually and en masse. This is the only way that change will be effected.” – Seth Hits: 258

Graham Hancock – Why Are We Here?

In my talk given to Starlab, Barcelona, in 2011 and subsequent 2012 book, ‘Quantum Mass Superstructures – creating the world you experience‘, I stated my belief that each human contributes to the creation of physical reality and holds part of the…

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Imagination and Expectation

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F**k The Law of Attraction

In this video, Teal Swan takes a look at the down side of the ‘law of attraction’ and explains how it’s more helpful to have a broader perspective. The only bit I would add from my experience, is that you…

Instant Manifesting

Abraham offers us this: “The amount of time it takes you to get from where you are to where you want to be, is only the amount of time it takes you to change the vibration within you. Instant manifestation…

Good advice from Abraham

Abraham offers a mix of advice for moving through life: ‘Understand where you are in relation to where you want to be – and your emotions will tell you this.’ (Paraphrased from Abraham). The original video clip that I had…