A Theory of Food by Richard Gentle

… and how your choices create the body you have become

Mediterranean salad - keekoo.co.ukSo then… how many times have you tried to diet? How many different ‘plans’ have you experimented with? How many times have you given up on the food you enjoy eating, for food that is supposed to help you, but tastes like… well, you know…

As with so many things about the way we live our lives, we get the whole subject of food and diet completely wrong. Everything about an individual’s experience in the physical world is projected from within – outwards. Everything that you physically observe, whether it be looking through the window, or at your reflection in a mirror, is created by you – the individual.

Fast FoodWhen you worry about your appearance, you focus more energy on the qualities you already see and feel. You then, if disciplined enough, think of external ways to change, that may include examining what you eat and following a strict regime of examining all food products for their calorific, sugar, salt, fat and other content. This process never seems to end. It’s not long before someone discovers other things in our food of detriment to a portion of society. Yeast intolerance, Gluten sensitivity, Lactose intolerance – an endless list of more things to worry us. However, forcing yourself to embrace a different diet, based on nutritional ‘facts’ or scientific advice alone, is not a solution for an internal imbalance. After a while, we make excuses for our appearance, based on these nutritional and scientific facts. We start to enjoy telling people that we are special because we are ‘gluten intolerant’. But it’s okay, because we are on a ‘special’ diet and we’ve just started a course to become a Reiki [healing] Master.

But do you ever ask yourself this question: ‘What is it within me, that is creating this experience?’ And you can add on anything at the end, such as:  ‘What is it within me, that is creating this experience… of me putting on weight?’ Very often, it is some deeper psychological belief that we hold about our self, such as feeling unhappy, not thinking we are an attractive or likeable person, or trying to be unattractive for our own protection. Perhaps we ‘don’t deserve’ to be happy or have nice friends or go to nice places, etc. In a minute, you will hopefully come to understand the significance of these self-image beliefs and how physically, your body is guided to make choices that will accurately reflect these beliefs in your physical make-up. You develop your body firstly from the inside.

Biting a lemonLet me now give you some examples to think about, but also acknowledge the physical and scientific/factual society you live in. When you have a thought about something, it affects your physical body chemistry. Imagine cutting the top off a lemon and biting into it. When you are anxious or excited, you feel more of an adrenalin rush. When you are depressed, you lack energy and impetus. When you eat something tasty it makes you feel good… only it doesn’t if you start feeling guilty that what you are eating is going to add to your weight, etc. This puts your body in a dilemma because you are sending a mixed message. Your senses are saying, ‘this tastes wonderful’ but your rational mind is saying ‘this ain’t good for me’. You imagine how you will weigh more next time you stand on the scales. You see yourself squeezing into your already ill-fitting clothes.


Enough of this focus. I want you to approach things differently from now on. At every opportunity, imagine how you would look and what you would be doing, if you had the appearance, weight and health you wanted to have – as if you have it, right now! Stop feeding your negative feelings with looking at your current physical reflection and audibly verbalising reprimands of displeasure. Spend at least 68 seconds every day, imagining your perfect self. See yourself actively involved with a lifestyle that fits the new version of yourself.

What will start to happen?

SmoothieThe interesting thing about the conscious universe is that it is set up to always give you what you ask for – and bear in mind, ‘asking’ in this context is whatever you focus your thought and expectations on.

Also bear in mind that you must not keep looking for changes – in the same way that a gardener does not go out every single day to see if the seeds have suddenly turned into crops. Don’t stand on the scales or look in the mirror critically every day. If you do this too soon, you will simply reinforce the original beliefs. What you will however start to notice, is that you gravitate towards different foods and different routines. Examples might include:

  • Suddenly feeling like eating more fruit
  • Not feeling like wanting a cake with your coffee – perhaps a biscuit this time
  • Sitting outside in the fresh air with your coffee instead of staying in the house
  • Going for a short walk – perhaps with a friend
  • Looking at clothes in shop windows that are the ones you will be wearing in your new life
  • No longer reacting to stressful situations that used to bring on physical reactions, e.g. physical ailments

Through this natural method of rebalancing, the universe will direct you towards the circumstances you need to make the physical changes you are desiring in your focused imagination. To begin with, you may not notice the subtlety of changes. You may not question the reason you want to try a fruit smoothie instead of the regular sugar-filled chai latte. It just seems a nice thing to try. Your body is sending a signal to your brain, in line with your growing belief that you are a person who looks and lives in a new way. If you are truly seeing yourself as a person of a normal weight, wearing clothes that fit well, your energy cannot continue to sustain the old vision – it must follow your thought and therefore, guides you in ways for that desire to match physically, the mental image you now are in the practice and habit of holding. The great thing about this approach is that you ‘stop trying to push water up hill’. You lose your anxiety, relax more, and lead your life with more ease – naturally being directed in ways that support your new beliefs. So without deliberately seeking special food diets to lose weight or get rid of your asthma or eczema, etc., you are allowing your body to naturally guide you in the direction of what is going to help most.

Although I have mainly focused on the issue of diet and weight in the above writing, you can apply these ideas to any life situation. Always ask yourself the question, ‘What is it within me, that is creating this experience?’ Try and listen to the intuitive answers that immediately arise in your mind – no matter what they are or whether rationally, you want to agree with them. Remember that any of your emotional responses to things, whether interpreted as past, present or future, can be accessed from your current moment and changed. Ask yourself why you believe what you believe and whether the ‘evidence’ for this belief or beliefs, still holds up today. If something happened in childhood, go back in your imagination and give the child version of yourself a reassuring hug and explain that things are different and you are okay. If you feel that you cannot change anything about your current experience, try reaching for a better feeling thought and imagine yourself as the person you want to be – the person you are now.


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