Graham Hancock – Why Are We Here?

In my talk given to Starlab, Barcelona, in 2011 and subsequent 2012 book, ‘Quantum Mass Superstructures – creating the world you experience‘, I stated my belief that each human contributes to the creation of physical reality and holds part of the knowledge of all things. I also mentioned that Eugene Halliday (1911–1987) described a ‘Sentient Power Field’ in a booklet he called ‘Truth’. He said that the field was a ‘moving, feeling, field that permeates the whole universe’. He essentially went on to say, that through the power of creative mind, the resultant stresses on the field create the physical aspects of the universe that we experience.

Later, whilst reading the work of Seth (channelled through Jane Roberts), Seth talked about ‘Consciousness Units’ (CU) and ‘Electromagnetic Energy’ (EE) units as the most basic building blocks that we [humans] could understand as the basis for all physical matter.*

Other people have talked about an illusive field and science sometimes talks about a ‘Zero Point Field’. Even Albert Einstein had a feeling about a unifying field – failing to extrapolate to mathematical completion, his hope for a ‘Unified Field Theory’.

Coming from a fairly rational and empirical background, Graham Hancock (archaeological journalist and intrepid explorer of ancient civilizations) now says, possibly after his most recent investigation and experiments with Ayahuasca and plant DMT: “This world is a theatre of experience… that consciousness is fundamentally a non-physical thing… It’s one of the fundamental forces of the universe… like gravity… like electricity… consciousness is a fundamental force of the universe… and I think that consciousness has chosen to manifest in physical form.”

In QMS I wrote:

Quantum Mass Superstructures

  • Originate from creative mind
  • Grow through attraction
  • Bond by agreement
  • Expand through reinforcement
  • Solidify over [experienced linear] time

I added later that broad examples of QMS could include:

  • Organised cell structures
  • Cultural belief
  • Social compliance
  • Gravity
  • Thoughts
  • Perceptions of personal reality
  • The ‘known’ universe. In fact, just about everything!

* Seth says: “There are units of consciousness and units of matter. The basic unit of consciousness cannot be broken down and is not physical and is not a particle. It contains within itself innately infinite properties of expansion, development, and organisation; yet within itself always maintains the kernel of its own individuality. Despite whatever organisations it becomes part of, or how it mixes with other such basic units, its own identity is not annihilated. ** It is aware energy, identified within itself as itself, not “personified” but, “awareized”. It is therefore the source of all other kinds of consciousness and the varieties of its activity are infinite. It combines with others of its kind, forming then units of consciousness. This basic unit is endowed with unpredictability. That very unpredictability allows for infinite patterns and fulfilments.”

** This supports another view that I expressed about the Magus of Strovolus temporarily turning lead into gold.

Interestingly, when I first came up with the title, ‘Quantum Mass Superstructures’, I did so purely to send a title of a proposed talk to Starlab, to satisfy a submission deadline, ahead of waiting to see if I could actually afford to attend. I then had to work out what the body of the talk was going to be about and how it related to the title I had just sent. As I began putting the talk together, I suddenly wondered if my title had been partly channelled and both during the talk’s assembly, and later, when writing the follow-up book, I had moments when I recognised that something I had written surprised me by how well it fitted and made sense. Words and descriptions were flowing through me as I typed. At times, I would struggle slightly, trying to work out how to say something that I hadn’t yet fully grasped myself… occasionally making an adjustment to my writing, only to read it through again to discover a clarity that was better than I could have hoped for. I have no special psychic abilities that I know of and I have no idea who was feeding me information, mixed in with my own thoughts and ideas. I could actually feel a difference between information from my mind and information being channelled. Perhaps I had become more receptive to allowing a flow of information through.


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