Masaru Emoto and Water

Dr Masaru Emoto (1943-2014) on water resonance and vibration; ‘smoking kills’ messages; and double-blind demands of science that stop new findings. Also includes the rice experiment.

Although the quality of this video isn’t very good, Dr Emoto mentions a subject I have often written about – the negative message labelling of products deemed bad for health. I am not in disagreement that smoking can be harmful, but the negative messages applied to products can actually be even more harmful.

The focus on negative messages (Quoted from ‘Being Well’ by Richard Gentle)

‘Smoking Kills’ is a message we are all familiar with. Unfortunately, society’s predilection for ‘shock and awe’ over positive reinforcement really is not helpful. We think that by shouting or fighting everything, we can stir people to action. Sadly, the originators of these negative campaigns base them on fear and ignorance, rather than hope. Every time a smoker sees a packet with ‘smoking kills’, it simply says ‘tough shit mate – you’re going to die!’ The individual may wish he or she did not smoke, but the habit is powerful – or even, dare I say it, enjoyed. A more helpful message might be: ‘Healthier not to smoke’ or something similar. Surely this is a message of positive suggestion and much more in-line with the desired outcome of all concerned – with the exception of the tobacco manufacturers, of course!

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