Emotions in manifesting

In my booklet, How We Perform Negative Miracles, I list some important words associated with creating the reality we want to experience:


I qualified these, as shown below:

Desire – Your inclination to want something – you can practically see or feel it!

Imagination – The ability to form mental images of things or events

Visualisation – A mental image that is similar to a visual perception

Clarity – Free from obscurity and easy to understand

Creative – Having the power to bring into being

Intention – An anticipated outcome that guides your planned actions

Belief – A vague idea in which some confidence is placed

Faith – Complete confidence in someone or something (not used here with any religious connotation)

Knowing – Clear and certain mental comprehension – beyond any doubt

Expectation – The feeling that something is about to happen

Gratitude – Feel grateful for everything you have which you are pleased about and if you get even a little bit more of anything, feel enriched

Acceptance – Acknowledge your current situation, rather than denying or pretending it does not exist.

However, what I omitted to mention at that time, was how all of these are tied into our emotional responses. Here’s Seth:

“Emotions then, in their own realm unperceived by the outer senses, have their own solidity, shape, and it is from these that your expectations are formed. The emotions indeed do form the expectations, and it is not the other way around. As physical objects can be manipulated, so can the emotions be manipulated, so can they be combined into various shapes and psychic constructions, A man’s expectations are the result of his emotional heritage, and his own ability to understand and manipulate that heritage.”

The Early Sessions, Book 2 Session 76, Page 275

In addition to the list above, other words to be added are:

Joy – Getting into the feeling of expressing joy for what you have, whether you currently have it or not.

Happy – Getting into the feeling of being happy about where you are now.

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