The Responsibility To Have Fun

“If you need to think in terms of responsibility, then it is your responsibility to have fun! You will not help yourself or others unless you enjoy the miracle of your own being. And so, in those terms, use if you must the belief in responsibility, by telling yourselves that it is your responsibility to enjoy your being. When you follow your own nature, you automatically and naturally feel for the needs of others. You automatically feel when you are joyful and free. And when you are having fun, you feel your oneness with all other creatures of the universe, and you know your place in All that Is. And when you are yourself, others look upon you with awe and joy and understanding, and you look the same upon them. And you help every other creature that shares with you the framework of this earth. You do not have to worry about helping others, for your very existence is a help and a guide to them. They recognize the joy of being in their existence, and they respond as you do to a sunny day, or to a flower.”

Seth – Session May 21, 1974. Seth Audio collection, cd #37.

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