You can’t “save” everything!

There is only so much each of us can be concerned enough about to do something about those concerns. Let’s face it – you can’t be interested in everything and you can’t save everything.  Why are we so obsessed in our societies about either fighting or saving things? Here’s Seth:

“If you worry about the world, you can somehow, perhaps, change it—or so many people think. If you don’t worry about the world, you are considered unfeeling and it certainly seems ridiculous to imagine that the world can somehow take care of itself and even remedy whatever damage it seems that man has done to it.

“But no, it seems that worrying will get you someplace. It provides impetus, and so it does….by promoting further problems.

“You are used to thinking that worry is an acceptable method of showing concern for public or private affairs. But the best thing you can do, for yourself, your loved ones or the world, is to stop worrying and hence, release all the negative thoughts therein generated.”

The Personal Sessions, Book 5, Session 11/29/1978

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