The Ugly Truth About Expectations – Law of Attraction

An excellent explanation by Andy Dooley on the art of manifesting what you desire. Visit Andy’s website here and join the Manifestors Cafe. Here are the original Seth quotes and where they came from: “The true power is in the…

Seth, Abraham, Bashar – a talk by Richard Gentle

This is a short introductory talk I gave to the groups: ‘Holistic Connections’ and ‘Bridge to Wellbeing’, on 22 March 2022. I take a look at three well known, non-physical channels, who have, and continue to have, a major influence…

Andy Dooley – Mastering Manifestation

Andy Dooley sums up creating reality and manifestation in a little over 1 minute: Join us in The Manifestors Cafe  Hits: 95

Stop making this visualization mistake

Stop making this visualization mistake

An excellent video by Andy Dooley Stop making this visualization mistake Hits: 97

Believe In Your Self

A helpful Law of Attraction Visualization video by Andy Dooley:   Visit Andy at his website, on facebook, or instagram. Hits: 88