Winning The Lottery

This is an interview with Cynthia Stafford who, back in 2007, won $112 million on the lottery. She put her win down to “doing the work” and “Thoughts Become Things” (after signing up for Mike Dooley’s TUT Notes) as well…

Daily Spiritual Tune-Ups

Daily Spiritual Tune-Ups

Mike Dooley does a live (streamed on facebook and instagram) daily spiriyual tune-up. If you miss any, simply visit for all of his daily Spiritual Tune-Ups. And as Mike always reminds us: Thoughts become Things.  Hits: 57

Seth, Abraham, Bashar – a talk by Richard Gentle

This is a short introductory talk I gave to the groups: ‘Holistic Connections’ and ‘Bridge to Wellbeing’, on 22 March 2022. I take a look at three well known, non-physical channels, who have, and continue to have, a major influence…