The Dooley Brothers

If you haven’t come across them yet, check out the wonderful Dooley brothers, Mike and Andy. Originally connected to the famous Mike and Andy put out daily helpful information and videos to help and encourage others to keep going with their spiritual manifesting journeys.

Mike and Andy Dooley -

Mike and Notes - has become best known for his daily ‘Notes From The Universe’ and his ‘Playing the Matrix’ workshops, but also most recently for his ‘Daily Spiritual Tune-Ups’ on facebook and instagram. He also runs ‘Infinite Possibilities’ masterclasses. And not to stop there, he also co-hosted a ’21-Day Writing Course’ with Hope Coppelman and continues to add other 21-Day courses. Mike is a fabulous presenter and supplies many quality supporting materials.


Check out Mike’s Spiritual Tune-ups (fb) and Mike’s instagram

Andy is known for his ‘Vibration Activation’ workshops, ‘That’s Right’ affirmations, playful humour, art, and homemade inspirational videos. Website:

Here are a couple of their videos:


And lastly, for all those who keep asking:
In 1989, Mike and Andy and their mom, Sheelagh, launched TUT (then it stood for “Totally Unique T-shirts,” now it stands for “The Universe Talks”) Read more

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