The 6 Life-Changing Stages Of Spiritual Awakening

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Positive Words from Joe Vitale

An explanation of the 4 key phrases of Ho’oponopono (PS: It’s Dr Hew Len, not Dr Hewlett)   The 3 keys to successful dreams Protect your dreams Be careful what you allow into your mind Feed your mind with more…

Mike and Andy Dooley -

The Dooley Brothers

If you haven’t come across them yet, check out the wonderful Dooley brothers, Mike and Andy. Originally connected to the famous Mike and Andy put out daily helpful information and videos to help and encourage others to keep going…

What is True Spirituality?

Much of our Western approach to understanding ‘spirituality’, outside of ‘organised religion’, more recently derives its origins and values, in the ‘new age’, from places such as, India and Tibet. Many of these origins have been interpreted as a need…